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Latest from the Blog

Canines of the Small Leagues

Dogs! They’re humankind’s best four-legged friends, capable puck droppers, and make a pretty good mascot too. In the big leagues, dog-themed team names are surprisingly rare: there’s the Coyotes, and then… that’s it? Except possibly whatever the Wild’s logo is supposed to be? But beyond the NHL, canine team names and logos are everywhere. As … More

Bruins to Retire O’Ree’s Jersey

An inaugration-day update to our election-day post on the campaign to retire Willie O’Ree’s jersey league-wide: The Bruins will retire number 22 next month. One indication this plan may not have been long in the works: Forward Craig Smith, added as a free agent in October, took number 22 in preseason number shuffling since his … More

Hockey News Podcast Gets Voracek “Weaselgate” Wrong

Like everybody in hockey, the Hockey News Podcast gang is talking about the Flyers’ January 15th postgame press conference, in which Philly right winger Jakub Voracek called reporter Mike Sielski “such a weasel it’s not even funny.” Voracek is dead wrong here, by the way — it actually is pretty funny, especially when you watch it … More

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