Eight Year Anniversary of Condor Escape at AHL Game

Eight years ago tomorrow, on February 8th, 2013, an Andean condor named Queen Victoria escaped her handler during the pregame proceedings at a Bakersfield Condors game, delighting the crowd by strolling freely around the rink for a few moments before hopping into the home bench and heading for the locker room.

Kudos to the evening’s anthem singer, who, as chaos reigned on the ice, remained — if you’ll pardon the expression — totally unflapped.

I can’t find an update on Queen Victoria more recent than 2018, when she came back to Mechanics Bank Arena for the five-year anniversary of her viral moment. Read about that on Bakersfield.com.

Her majesty is in the care of Joe Krathwohl, “The Birdman”, whose Vegas-based outfit Birds N Beasts Inc. offers wildlife shows for schools and scout groups, avian ring bearers for weddings, specialized animal care for magicians, animal handling for film shoots, pest-control raptors for hire, and glamorous appearances by “the Birdgirls of Las Vegas”.

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