Nadine Arsenault’s Graphic Violence

Nadine Arsenault, an art director and graphic designer in Toronto, made illustrations for all 226 fights of the 2018-2019 NHL season. You can see the complete collection in her aptly named “NHL Hockey Fights 2018-19” Instagram feed.

Here’s her drawing of Will Carrier from Vegas against the Sharks’ Barclay Goodrow (see video of this fight here):

Read an interview with Nadine on the excellent blog Puckstruck, where she has also contributed editorial illustrations. An excerpt:

Did you indeed end up drawing every fight from the 2018-19 season?
Yes, all 226 fights. Forgive me, the Jets versus Predators game on October 11, 2018, had two fights in one frame, so I only did 225 actual drawings.

What have reactions been from people who’ve seen the series?
As expected, on Instagram, I get a lot of fist-pump emojis. But the best reactions are from the non-hockey fans. My thesis advisor, a non-hockey fan, immediately saw homoerotic artwork, but I think many in creative fields often see some sensuality in my work. After she said that, I tried to look for poses to encourage that thought. I’m not sure how many will detect it, but I did sneak them in there.

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