Tony DeAngelo on Waivers

The Rangers put Tony DeAngelo, South Jersey native and noted locker room cancer, on waivers yesterday following DeAngelo’s reported “altercation” with teammate Alexandar Georgiev. Let’s look back at some career highlights from the offensively potent (and potently offensive) blueliner some are calling “a scumbag”:

As an OHLer, DeAngelo is twice disciplined for violating the league’s harrassment, abuse and diversity policy — once by using a slur against his own teammate.

In 2014, DeAngelo is drafted 19th overall by Tampa Bay. Then-GM Steve Yzerman said “We believe he’ll change and grow up.”

Two years later, Tampa fobs their problem child off on the Coyotes.

December 31, 2017, DeAngelo is suspended for three games after he shoves a linesman.

June of 2017, Arizona offloads DeAngelo to the Rangers.

Summer 2020, DeAngelo launches his “Watch Your Tone” podcast so he can, in the words of Justin Cuthbert at Yahoo! Sports “more freely spew extreme, antagonistic political ideologies, COVID-19 denialism, and staunch support of the outgoing president.”

January 8th of this year, DeAngelo rage-quits Twitter, upset at the deactivation of Donald Trump’s account. He muses about shifting to the favored platform of white supremacists, Parler.

January 14th, the Rangers scratch DeAngelo for two games following what head coach David Quinn euphemistically terms “a maturity issue.” He sits one game for taking an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty in the last minutes of a 4-0 loss in the Rangers’ season opener, and a second because the team plays better without him.

January 26th, Blueshirt Banter reports “concern at various levels of the organization regarding DeAngelo’s treatment of rookie defenseman K’Andre Miller.”

January 30th, leaving the ice after a 5-4 overtime loss to the Penguins, DeAngelo reportedly needled his already-frustrated goalie with an unspecified sarcastic remark, sparking a brief scuffle.

Yesterday, the Rangers put DeAngelo on waivers, with coach Quinn saying “this isn’t about one incident. It’s not about one thing.”

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