Evander Kane Files For Bankruptcy

Sharks forward Evander Kane has filed for bankruptcy with almost $27 million in debts, according to the Athletic.

A two-time league leader in penalty minutes, Kane has found turmoil and controversy everywhere he’s gone. He’s served several suspensions (including one for physically abusing an official), been the subject of multiple off-ice assault accusations, and — potentially portending his current troubles — was sued by the Cosmopolitan Casino in 2019 over an alleged $500,000 gambling debt.

He’s also been seen as abrasive by some fans and even teammates. He reportedly hated Winnipeg. (So what? So do Juno-nominated favorite sons the Weakerthans. So do 40% of NHL players.) With his social media self-promotion and showbiz swagger, he doesn’t fit some people’s anachronistic ideal of a hockey player as the humble Canadian kid from the farm next door. But that’s some hockey culture bullshit that’s overdue to change, and undeniably racially coded to boot.

All this is to say there will be people who greet this news with schadenfreude. That infamous 2012 Twitter photo is sure to get another traffic spike.

But it seems like sad news to us. If Kane’s money troubles are indeed gambling related, as past reporting suggests they might be, that seems especially devastating for him and his family.

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