Real Sports: Psychedelics In Sports

On Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, David Scott talks with two-time Stanley Cup winner Daniel “Car Bomb” Carcillo and other athletes about brain trauma and the promise of psychedelic drugs as treatment for it.

The stakes, for athletes who experience multiple concussions – or just repeated impact to the head in the course of competition, were made clear to Carcillo in 2015, when his friend and former Blackhawks teammate Steve Montador died at just 35.

Before his death, the CBC reports Montador suffered from “depression, anxiety, substance use issues, headaches, chronic pain and difficulty sleeping. He became forgetful and struggled to control his emotions and decision-making processes.” An autopsy revealed chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Carcillo and the other athletes in the Real Sports report above describe similar symptoms. It’s worth watching.

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