Hockey Holidays Gift Guide

With just five nights before Chanukah and 20 days until Xmas, the last minute for holiday shopping will be fast upon us. Here are some gift ideas for the puckhead on your holiday cross-checklist.

GEEKY JERSEYS: Your favorite fans probably already own their home teams’ sweaters. It’s less likely they own hockey jerseys featuring SpongeBob, Deadpool, or Hasbro’s Transformers.

Go Eternos Battle Cats

POSTERS & PRINTS: We’ve mentioned John Haverty’s hockey art on this web-log before. For a sillier take on fancave décor, check out Alex Nursall’s hilariously derpy logo prints.

Tree Cat Head Things

ICE RINK MENORAH: Here’s a 6×3-inch ceramic and brass Hanukkiah, imported from Israel, available in Bruins, Rangers, Habs, Leafs, Pens, and Sharks variations.

The Miracle of the Oil on Ice

GRITTY HEADWEAR: Problematic dreadlock wig manufacturer Rasta Imposta has Gritty headwear in a variety of styles, from this goggle-eyed headband to a full-sized Gritty head. No matter which one you choose, you’ll look utterly maniacal.

Chaos Reigns

TIM HORTONS HOCKEY BARBIE: We’ve posted about the Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie dolls twice before. If you can find them in Tim Hortons stores, your purchase will benefit the Hockey Canada Foundation’s Hockey is Hers initiative.

HOCKEYTOWN BEARD OIL: Smell the Red Wings’ iconic colors in the form of peppermint and vanilla with HockeyTown Motor City Muscle Heavy Duty Beard Balm by Detroit Beard Collective. (Buy from Maggard Razors in the town where Just Wide grew up!)

MUSIC FROM THE ZAMBONIS: The world’s foremost rink rock band has CDs available on their website, or you can buy downloads from their Bandcamp page. For a quick digital stocking stuffer, consider the holiday classic “Gritty Xmas (And A Hockey New Year)”.

HOCKEY DIVERSITY ALLIANCE MERCH: Sales of shirts, hats, hoodies, and sweaters featuring the HDA’s stylish logo will help fund their mission “to eradicate systemic racism and intolerance in hockey.” (Information about programs here.)

HOCKEY STICK PICTURE FRAMES: What better way to display team photos and autographs than in a picture frame made from salvaged hockey sticks? Buy a handmade one from Shots On Goal Hockey Frames, or, if you’re DIY-inclined, build your own as demonstrated here:

GENUINE ARENA SEATS: If you’re looking to really splurge on something special for your fave Flyers or Bruins fan, consider seats salvaged from the old Spectrum or Boston Gardens, respectively.

HIGH STICK VODKA: “Canada’s finest ultra premium vodka” seems like just the thing to warm a hockey fan’s innards in the bleak mid-winter. Talk about a top shelf liquor, eh?

CHELI’S CHILI: Hall of Fame defenseman Chris Chelios closed his last remaining chili bar in November of 2018, but you could still cook up a batch of Cheli’s Chili for a loved one from this recipe. Alternately, buy your beef-and-bean-loving special someone a copy of the All-American Chili Book (out of print), in which Chelios’s recipe – along with hundreds of others, “including those of twenty-eight award winners, celebrities, politicians, and professionals” – is recorded.

SAVE POND HOCKEY TEES: Save Pond Hockey is a series of outdoor hockey tournaments in Finland raising funds to fight climate change. Support the cause in style with a tee or sweatshirt with SPH’s charming polar bear graphic on it.

TOADYCO TEES: Finally, there’s always ToadyCo’s collection of hockey t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, posters, tote bags, notebooks, and other assorted merch! Full disclosure: ToadyCo is affiliated with Just Wide, so we’ll benefit if you buy any of this stuff. But not as much as the hockey fan you buy it for will! They’re gonna love it!

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