Girls Gone Gritty

Shout out to two champions of cosplay for reimagining Philadelphia’s orange-upholstered agent of chaos, Gritty. First, here’s Riot Rogers, creator of “Grittney”.

“I wanted her to be upsettingly sexy,” Rogers told Philebrity in a podcast interview available here. Rogers’s Instagram feed features process pics of Grittney’s construction and hilarious video of Grittney gearing up to run the 2020 (virtual) Gritty 5K. Rogers is on Twitter with the apt display name “BIG TITTY GRITTY COMMITTEE”.

Second, here’s fabrickind, who says of her Playboy-Bunny-inspired “Grittysuit”, “this has to be the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done in cosplay.”

fabrickind is on Twitter here, with more pictures of the Grittysuit and other creations on Instagram.

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