The above video from @Nowthisnews shows an ice resurfacer dramatically erupting in flames on a Rochester, New York rink. The New York Post reports no one was hurt.

Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. issued this response to media coverage:

“There have been numerous improper references to ZAMBONI in connection with an unfortunate incident in Rochester, NY on Wednesday, October 14th. The ice resurfacing machine seen on fire in the photos and videos which were shared online was not manufactured by the Zamboni Company and should not be referred to as ‘a Zamboni’, which in and of itself is an improper reference, as a noun.

“We appreciate the numerous posts by members of the public where they have taken the opportunity to point out that it was not a Zamboni brand ice resurfacer, illustrating the awareness that use of the brand name (ZAMBONI) as a generic product descriptor is incorrect.”

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