Marty Turco, From Rink To Drink

In the September 16th episode of the NHL @TheRink podcasts, hosts Dan Rosen and Shawn Roarke interviewed Marty Turco, the all-time leader in NCAA wins, a two-time national champ with the Wolverines, three-time NHL All-Star, and the Dallas Stars’ franchise record holder in six categories.

With Dallas still contending for the Cup at the time of the interview, most of the conversation related to his role as President and Chairman of the Board of the Dallas Stars Foundation. But it also came up that he’s joined the long list of distinguished Canadian beermakers as part owner of Kingsville Brewery in Kingsville, Ontario.

As his bio puts it: “Now in retirement, Marty has turned his interest to beer.” As many ex-jocks do! Usually not so productively.

Kingsville has five offerings: a hefeweizen, a Czech style lager, an IPA, a stout, and a light beer called “Light Eh! Lager” which was a silver medal winner in its category at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

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