Did Tim Thomas Wear Illegal Goalie Gear In 2011?

The 2011 Stanley Cup finals are still a sore spot for Canucks fans, aggravated anew by this intriguing recent allegation on Twitter:

Did (now retired) Boston goalie Tim Thomas wear an illegal strap contraption on his pads? The accusation comes from the Twitter account of Justin Morissette, a studio producer for Vancouver Canucks broadcasts. Morissette was in the news this summer when he confronted some bigoted demonstrators in Vancouver’s West End and they assaulted him, putting him in the hospital.

Thomas is perfectly cast as the villain in this conspiracy theory. Off the ice, he’s an anti-gay bigot too, and a Glenn Beck fanboy, and Tea Party adherent, etc. The political label he gives himself is “libertarian” – the right-wing version of “I’m not like other girls.”

That Thomas wore doctored pads would seem to be a matter of fact, proven in court. But it’s not unheard of for jocks to use counterfeit equipment for benign reasons, typically when personal preference (or superstition) conflicts with their endorsement contracts. Whether Thomas’s phony Vaughn gear had prohibited modifications is another question.

I would love to see a diagram of this purported strap system. Maybe Morissette’s anonymous source will sketch one up for us in the days to come.

Additional comment from Thomas, though – at any time, on any subject – is not required.

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