Tim Hortons Barbie

Coming soon to a donut shop potentially* near you: Mattel’s Tim Hortons hockey Barbie.

Originally slated for summer release, the Canadian restaurant chain has delayed offering the dolls in its stores until a black version is also available in the fall. The white version is available for order from other retailers now.

The CBC reports the fast food giant initially commissioned only the white doll but “asked Mattel to rush the production of a black version” in light of increased attention on anti-blackness over recent months.

Tim Hortons Barbie wears the number 64, commemorating the year the first Tim Horton Doughnut Shop opened in Hamilton, Ontario. Her jersey is unconventionally emblazoned with her first name, “Barbie,” instead of her surname (“Roberts,” for the record). She comes with a helmet, stick, and puck, but not gloves, which she has apparently dropped in anticipation of fisticuffs.

*Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest fast food chain, has over 500 locations in the USA, spread over 16 states, according to Menuism.com. The highest number are in Michigan (191), while Delaware, Missouri, and Virginia have one each.


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