Dan Bern Kraken Song

By the time the Seattle Kraken take the ice in 2021, their entrance music will have been worried over by a full suite of committees. We’re betting they’ll settle on some familiar Jock-Jammish riff from one of the city’s many beloved guitar rock acts. Expect Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit;” Heart’s “Barracuda;” any of Hendrix’s heavy hits; or maybe Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage.”

Alice In Chains is not on the list of possibilities because their 1990 hit “Man In The Box” will already be in rotation as a music cue for penalty calls, duh. (If the sound guy really wants to freak out a certain kind of reference-minded music nerd, he’ll ready the creepy percussion intro of this Yeatsean Sleater-Kinney track for the first time a Kraken centerman takes a holding penalty.)

All of which is to say we give very long odds to this song, newly submitted for consideration by Dan Bern. But it was nice of him to offer it:

(Thanks to Bern fan Jason Tuttle for the tip)

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