Superior Fish is now Beaumont Urgent Care

An urgent care clinic is moving into the old Superior Fish building in Royal Oak, MI, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Superior Fish closed in 2018 after almost 80 years in business, and was a noted supplier of octopodes to Red Wings fans for decades.

Of course, to Motor City hockey fans, the octopus embodies championship aspirations, with its eight tentacles standing for the eight wins needed to secure the Stanley Cup (back in 1952, when the first cephalopod hit the Olympia Stadium ice). With the Red Wings finishing in last place this season, and their rebuild projected to unfold over the long term, Detroiters are unlikely to need their “O-Fish-Al” octopus throwers’ kits anytime soon.

For the Red Wings in their current state, honestly, an urgent care center is probably an apter symbol.

“”Are they going to be a playoff team next year? No. Are they going to be as bad as they were this year? No. Teams don’t finish last overall two years in a row very often.”

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