S.C.H.L.U.B.B. 2020: Call For Beards

No one shaves during the playoffs

It’s August, and the round robin qualifier games are set to begin. Welcome, playoff beardwearers, to S.C.H.L.U.B.B. 2020!

S.C.H.L.U.B.B. (Stanley Cup HairabaLoo: Unshaven Beard Bowl) is your chance to join your favorite team in hirsute — I mean pursuit of postseason glory!

How, you ask?

Sport facial foliage in support of your favorite team in contention. Post beard shots on Twitter or Instagram as often as you like. Tag us (@shotjustwide), and use the hashtag #SCHLUBB so we can find you. With today’s social media platforms and relaxed quarantine hygiene standards, it’s never been easier to participate!

Prosthetic, costume, crocheted, bee, soap-bubble, and all other beards are valid for S.C.H.L.U.B.B.! We want your beard pics no matter how your beard was grown, crafted, or manufactured.

After the finals are over, one S.C.H.L.U.B.B. participant chosen at random will win this exclusive t-shirt in the team colors of their choice:

Design by ToadyCo

Good luck, fuzzfaces!

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