Welcome to Just Wide

Good morning, puckheads, and welcome to Just Wide!

You might be thinking the internet needs another hockey fans’ site like Mark Messier needs a curling iron, and you probably have a point. But this one aims to serve a different purpose than others.

There won’t be a lot of post-game recapping here, or statistical analysis, or player profiling. There are already lots of big-name, big-money mainstream media sites that do that stuff, and do it better than we could hope to. The stuff you’ll find on Just Wide will be a little quirkier, a little geekier, and sometimes just plain weird.

Look to Just Wide for essays on fan culture. Look for our Stanley Cup Playoff Beard festival. Look for book and movie reviews, critiques of your favorite (and least favorite) play-by-play announcers, and a lot of friendly fan-to-fan discussion. Hopefully you’ll find these oddball discussions will make JustWide a fun new stop on your daily or weekly rounds of hockey sites.

Leave comments, introduce yourselves, ask questions, dispute our assertions, and have a good time! There are bound to be disagreements (looking at you, Avs fans), and that’ll be part of the fun. Let’s keep it spirited, but sportsmanlike.

Welcome to Just Wide!

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